Armies on Parade: 1:72 American Civil War

This is the first in what may be a series of blog posts showcasing my wargames armies.

And now for the Union army

20mm plastic figures have been fun to paint, and I reckon even a very basic paint job looks good, so I may be open to doing other periods in this scale. I intend to put on a game with these armies at the club using a retro set of rules, possibly the Airfix ACW ones, once we are back to normal.

In this time of no barbers, however, I am reduced to growing period-specific facial hair.

Best wishes,


Memoir 44 Hellfire Pass 15.6.1941

In this time of lockdowns myself and John played a Memoir 44 game Hellfire Pass by telephone.

In this game I played the German/Italian forces defending the Pass and John played the British. The historical battle took place on 15 6 1941 and lasted 3 days.
Halfaya Pass is a route through a 600 foot high escarpment- whoever held the Pass controlled the main westward route into Libya and is the key to the relief of the besieged garrison at Tobruk.
The pass was held by the Germans and Italians. Under pressure from Churchill, General Wavell launches Operation Battleaxe . On 15.6.1941 the 11th Indian Brigade supported by the 4th Royal Tank Regiment advances on what became known as Hellfire Pass.

John started the British attack with a barrage and then committed some infantry and armour down the road leading to the Pass and discovered that it had been mined - his armour took casualties. He then attacked the Dug in German infantry on the German left of centre and this attack was beaten off. John switched his infantry attack to the Italians defending the Axis right flank caused some loses but took casualties in return. At this stage the British were losing 4 victory points to 0 all his loses being British Infantry

He then launched an armoured assault using his strong armoured units to overrun the two Italian Infantry units defending the German right Flank and a German Infantry unit defending the centre. The Axis had lost 3 units in one turn and John had narrowed the gap to 4-3 (Axis 4 victory points British 3 victory points).
The Axis countered this attack using Artillery fire and brought up their own armour in a counter attack. The Axis were winning by 5 to 3 and needed to destroy one more unit for victory. The Axis pushed there unsupported armour to far forward trying to deliver a knockout blow and nearly paid the price as they came under attack from 3 British armoured units surviving by the skin of their teeth (john was unlucky the armour survived just). The Axis knockout blow came not from armour but a German Infantry unit fixing bayonets and charging in to destroy a British Infantry unit (using the card Behind Enemy Lines). The game ended in a 6-3 Victory for the Axis.

We both enjoyed the game and intend to try playing another game by phone in the future.

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 6

Whilst we are staying at home this is giving me some more time (when I can hide from family) to make some progress on this project. I sincerely hope we are are all out of this by then.

All landing craft have now been painted. 6 LCTs, 2 LCI(s), 12 LCAs and 16 LCMs and 1 Landing craft Rocket. The first few waves of the Brits have now been painted. The DD tanks (featured in early blog) are done. To add to these I have completed, Hobart's Funnies - 77th and 79th Assault squadrons, The Royal Marine Armoured Support Battery, and The Beach group with its supporting weaponry. The First infantry Brigade is also completed along with its HQ and medics. I have also painted the 2 MMG companies that landed with the two infantry brigades

I have now started on the Germans which should not take too long. In the pictures are captured French and Skoda Artillery pieces and a few SP guns and AT guns. After the Germans, are the Stafordshire Yemonary Shermans, the second Infantry Brigade, three armoured artillery regiments, SP AT gun troops, and five Commandos to paint.....

Piotr's 'Keeping Busy at Home' Wargames Projects

Hello All,

I hope you are keeping safe and sane at this difficult time. Of course there are more serious matters than wargaming to attend to. At the same time, many of us now have buckets of free time available for personal projects - and no excuses not to finally action them; so I thought I'd update you on some of mine, for your entertainment and diversion.

When I'm not applying for jobs - like Sisyphus - during the week (yes, I left B&Q on 1 March), I have several wargames' activities on the go.

1. 42mm November Uprising (1830-1831)

Shiloh in 6mm

On Friday 14 February 2020 I umpired a 6mm ACW game at the club.

Rob and Noel were on the Confederate side, and Doug and Phil on the Union side, as we refought the first day of the battle of Shiloh (6 April 1862), one of the classic engagements of the Western Theatre.

Historically, General A. S. Johnston led the Confederate Army of Mississippi in a surprise attack on the Union forces of the Army of the Tennessee under General U. S. Grant, encamped in woods off the Tennessee River.


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