6mm Napoleonics: Battle of Friedland (1807)

I prepared for last night's club game - a 6mm Napoleonic refight of the Battle of Friedland (1807) - by producing multiple copies of the latest incarnation of my rules for this period: 'Coup de Grace: Generalissimo'. Using my usual online publishing platform, I ordered eight coil-bound copies of the rules, which were a slightly tweaked version of the ones used in the Austerlitz game last year.

Rob, Patrick and Theo were on the French side, attacking with superior quality and numbers against the Russians led by Doug, Philip, and Phil. By the end of the game, the French looked to have emerged victorious, with Theo piling in with three corps against Doug and Philip, and winning most of the melees that resulted. Philip, however, managed to outflank Theo's army, and may have stabilised the situation before the town of Friedland, had there been more time.

I am reasonably pleased with these rules, which attempt to bring together a scenario, player initiative points, command and control, higher formation orders, as well as tactical decision-making. A few minor points of confusion arose about melees, but nothing that couldn't be resolved with the roll of a dice. The overall feel and look of the game is as envisaged, however, which is to say that multiple players are commanding a whole army in a relatively short space of time, using 'playable rules', while having to face multiple challenges.

Next time I think I will give my British army a run out, probably in a Peninsular War clash with the French.